Thailand’s TPP application threatens to overshadow Presidential visit

Thailand’s TPP application threatens to overshadow Presidential visit

Bangkok is abuzz at the imminent visit of freshly re-elected US President Barack Obama on a whirlwind three-nation tour to shore up US support in the region, however trade discussions threaten to overshadow the stated purpose of the visit, a courtesy call to mark 180 years of Thai-US relations. While details such as the number […]

Someone is harassing MSF in Rakhine State Myanmar, but it’s a secret who

Someone is harassing MSF in Rakhine State Myanmar, but it’s a secret who

When it comes to bizarre media releases it’s hard to go past one issued today by international humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), breathlessly titled MSF prevented from reaching most communities affected by violence in Rakhine State (formerly Arakan State), western Myanmar. The press release, issued by MSF Bangkok, states: “As MSF medical teams work […]

Fleet departs to hunt humpbacks

For the first time in more than 40 years humpback whales are to associate the sound of a ships engine with the possibility of death, rather than photo-snapping sightseers. On Sunday the Japanese whaling fleet, departed the southern port of Shimonoseki for the waters off Antarctica in what Japan’s Fisheries Agency says is its largest-ever […]

Telstra Australia board spits the dummy

The board of Telstra Australia has had a huge corporate dummy spit after almost two-thirds of its shareholders voted against massive bonuses for its senior executives, including the corporations $12 million man, ceo Sol Trujillo. However the Telstra Australia board may defy the will of its shareholders and the bonuses may still go ahead as […]

Apple’s Leopard redefines the PC workspace

If ever a reason was needed to buy a Macintosh computer Apple’s latest release of its operating system (OS), code named Leopard, provides plenty of incentive. According to Apple more than two million copies of Leopard were sold in the first weekend following its release and users are finding it lives up to all of […]

Telstra Australia…redefining the journalist/pr relationship

The relationship between public relations representatives and journalists has always been a tenuous one at the best of times, but one can only wonder at the level of total incompetence and bizarre actions of Telstra Australia in its dealings with the media. Earlier this year Australian Personal Computer magazine web editor, Dan Warne, published details […]

Trial reports sunlight reduces advanced breast cancer

Researchers in the US have found that increased exposure to sunlight, which increases levels of vitamin D in the body, may decrease the risk of advanced breast cancer by up to a half. The study, by a team of researchers from the Northern California Cancer Center, the University of Southern California, and Wake Forest University […]

Nerve growth trials bring hope

Trials about to get underway in the UK may soon enable doctors to regenerate injured nerves in people and bring damaged limbs and organs back to life. The trials follow the successful transformation of fat tissue stem cells into nerve cells by a team at the University of Manchester. In a study published in the […]