Fleet departs to hunt humpbacks

or the first time in more than 40 years humpback whales are to associate the sound of a ships engine with the possibility of death, rather than photo-snapping sightseers. The four ships plan to kill up to 50 humpbacks, as well as 935 minke whales and up to 50 fin whales – more than double the number of whales Japan hunted a decade ago.

Lombok vet takes conservation lead

Animal conservation is not something usually associated with Asian countries. However the forward looking views of a Lombok veterinarian almost five years ago has seen the turtle population around the northwest gilis (island in Bhasa Indonesia) of Air, Meno and Trawangan increase to the levels they are now. Over the years Dr Gde Sudiana, head […]

Trawangan dive school coral regrowth project encouraging

Every year divers from all round the world head to Indonesia to explore the pristine waters surrounding the 16,000 islands forming the Indonesian archipelago. While the island resort of Bali plays host to many of these tourists, along with Sumatra and Sumbawa, the three islands off the North-West tip of Lombok, Gili Air, Meno and […]