Telstra Australia board spits the dummy

The board of Telstra Australia has had a huge corporate dummy spit after almost two-thirds of its shareholders voted against massive bonuses for its senior executives, including the corporations $12 million man, ceo Sol Trujillo. Most vocal of the dummy spitters was Telstra Australia chairman, Donald Mc Gauchie, who in true corporate wobbly-throwing fashion attacked the corporate advisory firms who had urged large shareholders to oppose the motion.

Telstra Australia…redefining the journalist/pr relationship

The relationship between public relations representatives and journalists has always been a tenuous one at the best of times, but one can only wonder at the level of total incompetence and bizarre actions of Telstra in its dealings with the media. As a result of the story he was deluged by vitriolic emails from Rod Bruem, Telstra’s then editor-in-chief for blogging, that accused him of having manipulated the poll results, being a liar (because he hadn’t warned Bruem he was writing the story), and of not being a journalist.

Telstra to appeal sex ruling

Australia’s largest communications company, Telstra Corporation Limited, has said it will appeal a decision by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) that it pay compensation to, and re-employ a woman it fired for having sex with two colleagues following a belated Christmas party in February. What at first glance might appear to be just another […]

Telstra a naughty word

If ever any evidence was required that Telstra is out of control and run by a group of paranoid, overbearing, autocratic bureaucrats suffering from illusions of grandeur and self importance its BigBlog, blogsite is the perfect example. Words Telstra deems to be to naughty to be used in the headings of blog entries include: Bigpond, Japan, Japanese, fanny, poo, cock, lick, pussy, suck, ass, and boob