Online travel bookings soar but online video advertising flops

Online travel bookings soar but online video advertising flops

Research conducted by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) gives an interesting insight into the travel purchasing methods of British travellers, while¬† research conducted in America paints an interesting picture on the effectiveness of online advertising. Delegates at the annual ABTA travel convention were told earlier this week that a survey conducted on behalf […]

Bad website design gives no advantage to UK travel agents

Bad website design gives no advantage to UK travel agents

An analysis of 115 travel websites belonging to members of the UKs largest travel industry consortium, Advantage Travel Centres, has shown that only 12 per cent scored well for search engine optimization (SEO), with bad website design blamed for the poor results. Conducted by technology consulting firm Click With Technology (CWT), the survey found the […]

eBay lowers seller protection to attract buyers

Online auction company eBay has decided to scrap the the buyer feedback ratings system that sellers rely on in deciding whether to accept a purchasers bid or to reject it. It leaves sellers unable to make a judgement as to the bona fides of buyers bidding on their listings.

Government porn filter poses greater risks

The Federal Governments plan to force all internet service providers (ISPs) to filter online pornography and violent content will see Australian’s access to the internet controlled in the same manner as users in China, Burma, Vietnam, North Korea and Saudi Arabia experience. Under the plan the Australian Communications and Media Authority will prepare a blacklist of unsuitable sites and all ISPs will be required to block access to these sites by internet services provided to households and schools.

Internet powers $4 m Cascade promotion

Australia’s oldest brewery has used the internet as the media of choice to spearhead a new $4 million advertising campaign to promote its range of premium beers. Launching a major advertising campaign on the internet is an unusual and bold step that highlights the ability the medium has for reaching targeted consumer groups.

Nerve growth trials bring hope

Trials about to get underway in the UK may soon enable doctors to regenerate injured nerves in people and bring damaged limbs and organs back to life. The research may mean patients are one day able to to regrow new nerves to replace those damaged by trauma or surgical procedure.