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Name: John Le FevreJohn Le Fevre
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Photo-journalist, editor, PR consultant, SEO, SEM, SNM specialist, and deejay.
Email: photo_journ[At]photo-journ[DOT]com
Skype: photo_journ
Line: photo-journ
Follow me on Twitter: @photo_journ

I started working as a journalist at APNS in 1975 and completed a four-year cadetship in journalism and press photography.

In the mid 80s I worked on high technology trade press before starting my own full-service above and below the line marketing and public relations consultancy that, for a decade, serviced some of the biggest names in the high technology sector in Australia.

At the same time I continued my journalism career, writing on topics where there was no conflict with any of the PR accounts my company was handling.

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These included: engineering, construction, commodities, infrastructure, oil & gas, tourism, healthcare, transportation, human rights, developing nations’ issues, business, investigative, and general feature writing.

I have spent considerable time working in Africa and Asia, with stints in the Middle East, the USA, and England, and have held the position of bureau chief, editor, news editor, CoS, copy editor, and chief copy editor.

The Walkley Award finalist certificate awarded to John Le Fevre in 1995 for coverage of the Ebola outbreak in Zaire
The Walkley Award finalist certificate awarded to John Le Fevre in 1995 for coverage of the Ebola outbreak in Zaire

In 1995 I was a Walkley Award finalist for my photographic coverage of the Ebola outbreak in Zaire for The Australian Colour Magazine.

In the late 90s I established and ran a news and photo bureau in Indonesia for an international news and photo agency.

At the same time I operated a guest house and nightclub, continuing the deejaying I had started in the early 90s. I play house, tribal, progressive house, trance, hard trance, psy trance, and hard dance.

I used to regularly play in Bali and Lombok, as well as at my own club and have played on a couple of international tours with some big-name clubbing music promoters.

Significant events I have covered over the years include:
Operation Desert Shield/ Storm
1991 election riots (pillage) in Zaire
1994 Rwandan genocid
1995 Ebola outbreak in Zaire
1999 independence referendum in East Timor
2004 Asian Tsunami
2009 Songkran riots in Bangkok
2010 Battle for Bangkok protests
2013 anti-democracy putsch in Thailand

I have produced style guides for use by journalists and editors. and in the past was active on the Australian Journalists Association (AJA) (subsequently absorbed by the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)  freelance committee. I write my own text, shoot my own stills, and also shoot and edit videos.

I have experience at content creation, development and management, SEO and keyword implementation, as well as in the implementation of social network marketing (SNM) strategies designed to increase website traffic.

This blog contains topics that I find interesting, with some articles dating back to 1996. Often the stories here are the full, original versions of articles published elsewhere, or material that was produced in excess of that required for articles published elsewhere. Sadly, all of my historic photos were destroyed by the thieving, manipulative and unaccountable State Trustees, who removed them from their place of storage at my parents house.

No payment is received for content appearing on this blog (See: Blog disclosure policy)

I hope you find the topics interesting and informative. Backlinks and pingbacks are welcome from other sites, but the wholesale lifting / copying of content is not.

Unless acknowledged otherwise I, John Le Fevre, hold the copyright to all material on this website.

If you somehow managed to stumble here and want to know what I’m up to these days click on over to Asean News Today for the latest news and analysis from around the Asean Economic Community.

For questions about this blog, please contact photo_journ[AT]photo-journ[DOT]com.


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