Sirapatsorn Attayakorn (‡∏®‡∏¥‡∏£‡∏†‡∏±‡∏™‡∏™‡∏£ ‡∏≠‡∏±‡∏í‡∏¢‡∏Ň∏£) is Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2011 (‡∏°‡∏¥‡∏™‡∏ó‡∏¥‡∏ü‡∏ü‡∏≤‡∏ô‡∏µ‡πà ‡∏¢‡∏π‡∏ô‡∏¥‡πć∏߇∏¥‡∏£‡πå‡∏™ 2554)


Preliminary Report: The winner of the 2011 Miss Tiffany’s Universe (‡∏°‡∏¥‡∏™‡∏ó‡∏¥‡∏ü‡∏ü‡∏≤‡∏ô‡∏µ‡πà ‡∏¢‡∏π‡∏ô‡∏¥‡πć∏߇∏¥‡∏£‡πå‡∏™ 2554) transgender beauty pageant is 21-year-old Miss Sirapatsorn Attayakorn (‡∏®‡∏¥‡∏£‡∏†‡∏±‡∏™‡∏™‡∏£ ‡∏≠‡∏±‡∏í‡∏¢‡∏Ň∏£). Born in Chiang Mai, Miss Sirapatsorn (‡∏®‡∏¥‡∏£‡∏†‡∏±‡∏™‡∏™‡∏£ ‡∏≠‡∏±‡∏í‡∏¢‡∏Ň∏£) is a third year communications student standing 173cm (5’6″ tall), weighs 49kg (108lbs) and measures 34-25-36.

In addition to a sash and trophy, Miss Sirapatsorn Attayakorn (ศิรภัสสร อัฒยกร) received a Toyota Yaris motor car, Bt120,000 ($US3,927) cash, a diamond tiara from GODDIAMOND, the use for one year of an apartment at Woodland Hotel & Resort in Pattaya, an airline ticket from PC Air, a gift voucher from Pratunam PolyClinic, a gift voucher from Asoke Skin hospital, a GNET mobile Phone and a gift set from Banana IT.

The total prize pool for the 2011 Miss Tiffany’s Universe transgender beauty pageant is valued at more than Bt1 million (about $US33,400).

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    I would love to marry a Thai transsexual beauty queen ;)


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